Profit Strategies Training
Profit Stategies Training


Who is this for?

The short answer is almost anyone!

The cost of higher education has surged more than 538% since 1985, but with the Profit Stategies Training nearly anyone from any economic background can get the training needed for higher paying jobs without going into debt for many years.

Internet marketing is not just about marketing and requires a wide variety of skill sets to master it. When you enroll in the Profit Stategies Training, you will learn a lot more than you ever imagined, and obtain the knowledge to earn an excellent income in a high demand field.

Marketing online isn't only about reaching a global audience, it is being used more and more in local marketing for owners of small businesses. Local search marketing is a rapidly growing segment of internet marketing, and GPS-enabled smartphones are prevalent, the WorldWide web has become an excellent way to reach local customers.

As there is nearly always a demand for more workers in the medical field, there is also now a growing demand (that will continue to grow) for people with real internet marketing skills. That is good news for those who get on board, but the better news is you can start much sooner than you can in the medical arena, and thanks to the Profit Stategies Training you won't need to take out a loan to begin your education.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is $73,427, and a Senior Digital Marketing Manager can make $118,257. A Social Media Manager on average earns $47,190, and up to 85k. A Social Media Strategist's average salary is $50,783. The national average for Email Marketing Managers is $71,578; the minimum is about 41K and max around 101K. These are just a few of the jobs available to people with cyber marketing skills.

How does it work?

The Profit Stategies Training delivers lessons primarily via three formats, which are e-books, audio lessons, and screencast sessions.

  1. An e-book is a digital version of a book and may be read on your computer.

  2. An audio lesson is a voice recorded training session.

  3. A screencast is a digital recording that captures the actions taking place on a computer display.

Our screencasts contain voice-over narration, for demonstrating how to use various marketing tools, software applications, website features, etc.

New, additional training material is added on a regular basis so that you will be in-the-know as the field expands, and unlike other schools, the Profit Stategies Training allows you access to it all as long you are a student/member with no extra charges.

You will receive a regular newsletter that contains more information about what's current and changes in the industry; it will also provide job listings and resources on how to obtain work when you are ready.

When you register as a student/member, you will have access to a private training area and every lesson. You can begin with any topic you chose, and review lessons as often as you like and as many times as you may need.

Support via email and personal assistance is available as well when you should need it. Our extremely low tuition is because of the self-help study environment we created for you, but you are not alone in this because we want to see you succeed.

How much does it cost?

When you register, there is an annual fee of $97 to access every training module. Your tuition fee will never go up after you have registered and you can access ALL NEW content and training modules that we add after your start date.

Students may opt to stay on even after obtaining work somewhere or starting a business because of the extremely low cost. You are free to cancel your student/member account anytime you like or keep it as long as you like as a continued skills building option.